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Top Chef is a show that airs on Bravo that features talented and famous chefs from around the world who compete against one another. There are many different culinary challenges that usually feature a different food item or a different environment. The chefs have to battle it out with the information given to them and then a panel of judges decides who wins and who loses. This panel is usually made up by leaders in the food or wine industry. Special appearances by TV or Movie celebrities sometimes do happen on the judging panel.

In Top Chef the chefs are put under a large amount of stress due to the time limits and the certain ingredients they are given. Sometimes there will be a special ingredient that the chef does not know how to use but they have to use their best judgment and work with it. Also, the chefs have to work in many different restaurants or kitchens around the world. Depending on where they are they will have to cook a dish that pertains to that area. For example if they were in a kitchen in Italy they would prepare an Italian Dish for the judges. The judges then taste all of the dishes and score them. They score them for taste, creativeness, and presentation. The show goes on until there is one last chef left who is announced the winner and the Top Chef.

Top Chef on Bravo is a television show that shows the skills of the finest chefs in the world. Using difficult ingredients and techniques they create masterful dishes for the judges. The judging panel is always changing which adds another aspect to the show which is refreshing. Top Chef shows off what its like to be the best in the world at preparing food.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Bravo
14 Seasons, 224 Episodes
March 8, 2006
Reality, Game Show
Cast: Tom Colicchio, Padma Lakshmi, Gail Simmons
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Top Chef Full Episode Guide

  • In the season finale, the two finalists prepare a four-course meal. The winner is announced.

  • The three remaining chefs head to the Yucatan Peninsula where they create a dish showcasing the flavor, complexity and heat of the legendary local habanero using ingredients from the local market.

  • The chefs prepare a non-traditional decadent brunch for the famed Charleston Hat Ladies, creating whimsical breakfast and lunch hybrid dishes inventive enough to impress the judges.

  • The chefs must rely on their taste buds in the first challenge. Later, the chefs draw inspiration from their own childhood memories to create meals for a charity gala for the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital.

  • It's time for the highly anticipated Restaurant Wars. The chefs are divided into two teams.

  • The chefs are divided into teams and must throw a pirate-themed bash. They go on a treasure hunt through Charleston to score their ingredients.

  • This week the chefs must create vegetarian versions of traditional comfort foods. Then, the chefs must prepare dishes that honor Edna Lewis, the matriarch of Southern cuisine.

  • The chefs take on a pile of baking ingredients pointing to a biscuit challenge; the chefs must barbecue a whole hog and three side dishes for 150 barbecue lovers, including country music star Darius Rucker.

  • This week the chefs must create a seven-course progressive meal featuring the humble radish for the show's superfans. Guest judges include Chris Cosentino and Richard Blais.

  • This week the chefs must put a spin on a low-country family meal and later create a family-style feast.

  • Eight new chefs are ready to take on eight returning chefs in Charleston, S.C. The new chefs enter the kitchen first to whip up as many dishes as possible in one hour using a whole chicken; the veterans square off to re-imagine shrimp and grits.

  • It all comes down to this final faceoff. The last two Chefs must make the meal of their lives with help from their culinary mentors and fallen comrades to impress a room full of judges and important diners including Emeril Lagasse, Dominique Crenn, Jonathan Beno, Hubert Keller, Charlie Palmer, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and the Chefs' families.

  • The chefs head to Sin City where they participate in a high-stakes challenge of cards and cuisine. Later, they get tricky when they create a dish for illusionist David Copperfield.

  • While in San Francisco, the chefs cook for chef Traci Des Jardins. Later, they attempt to impress master chef Hubert Keller, the judges and San Francisco culinary elite with cuisine inspired by the restaurant Fleur de Lys.

  • The remaining chefs make their way through San Francisco's legendary Chinatown and end up at World-Famous chef Martin Yan's M.Y. China for a quickfire challenge. Then Umami Burger Restaurateur Adam Fleischman tasks the chefs to create their own Fast-Casual Restaurant Concept for hungry diners and investors.

  • The Chefs head to Oakland to find their inner rapper as they prepare a dish for Oakland native MC Hammer. He will decide which dish is too legit.

  • After preparing a full lunch service, the chefs must gear up for dinner; the judges grade on concept, food, service, and consistency.

  • It's time for the much anticipated Restaurant Wars. For the first time in Top Chef history, the chefs are opening their restaurants for both lunch and dinner services.

  • The chefs cook for Beefsteak, a black-tie event which the diners eat with their hands; diners include Colin Hanks, Max Silvestri and Matt Selman.

  • The Chefs return to Los Angeles to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Top Chef.

  • The chefs head south to San Diego where they must create their best high-end fish taco for renowned Mexican Chef Javier Plascencia.

  • Supermodel Chrissy Teigen challenges the Chefs to make their best Quickfire "date" dishes. And in a Top Chef first, the Chefs provide food for a wedding for twenty five gay couples.

  • The cheftestants arrive in Palm Springs where world-renowned chef Jose Andres issues them a Quickfire challenge using solar powered stoves.

  • The chefs compete in their first sudden-death, quick-fire challenge; in the elimination challenge, the chefs serve up surf and turf to a table of celebrated chefs and judges.

  • The chefs open pop-up restaurants with popular foods from their respective neighborhoods; guest judge Ludo Lefebvre joins the others for Mexican, Persian, Korean, and vegan cuisine and picks the dish that best reflects Los Angeles' mosaic of cultures.

  • The season opens in Los Angeles with 17 chefs getting a shot at culinary stardom. The chefs hope to impress food critics and reporters in the first elimination round.

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'Top Chef' Going Deep in the Heart of Texas With Emeril

It's hot these days in Texas. Ridiculous hot. Endless days of hundreds hot. And while the weather forecasters are saying things like "we can't even buy a cloud," at least the state can see something cool coming their way in the future. Bravo announced today that the new season of "Top Chef" will take place this season in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio.

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